Posted on August 19, 2010


Pizza delivery chain, Food 5*/5, Price £8-13, Waiting time 15-30 minutes,  Firezza website

Half metre pizza - 1/4 mista, 1/4 picante

Firezza’s pizzas are in a league of their own. The base is thin and crispy, the sauce piquant, the toppings fresh and plentiful and you can buy the pizzas by the 1/4 metre in huge rectangles. The Mista pizza is supremely meaty yet sophisticated. The toppings are high quality and include chunks of chorizo (torn up not sliced), prosciutto, roasted aubergines, fresh chillies and radiccio. I was less keen on the spicy beef and paying more for the special buffallo mozzarella didn’t seem to make a huge difference. Their fresh garlic mayonnaise is fantastic for dunking the tasty crispy, chewy crusts into.

Firezza pizza

1/2 metre pizza - 1/4 Mista, 1/4 Diavolo

The prices are about the same as any pizza chain so there’s really no question. They do some good offers too. Tucking into these divine pizzas in the safety and comfort of your own sofa at the end of a long day is a pleasant experience.

firezza pizza box

The firezza pizza box. The number of these I see in recycling bags down the street's surely a testament to their popularity.