Tasty Jerk Centre, Selhurst

Posted on August 21, 2010


Carribean takeaway, Food 5/5, Price under 10 pounds, Waiting time <5mins, Address Whitehorse Lane, London SE25 6RQ

You can experience truly authentic Jamaican jerk if you ever find yourself in SE25. The Tasty Jerk Centre is surrounded by thick smoke from the charcoal in their barbeques made of halved oil barrels piled with incredible spice-rubbed chicken and pork. When you order, the meat is swiftly taken off the barbeque, chopped with a massive meat-cleaver and served with comforting, flavourful rice and peas. The chicken has the edge over the pork, which still has the skin on. The hot pepper sauce is seriously hot so it’s advisable to ask for it on the side or like me, take a tiny bit out on a teaspoon.

jerk chicken and pork

Jerk chicken (right) and pork (left) with rice and peas.

The Tasty Jerk Centre is opposite Selhurst Park, home to Crystal Palace FC. Apparently, some fans complain about the smoke from the barbeque that wafts all the way to the stadium. It might be too smoky to stay and eat inside the shop but you see lots of happy locals, home fans and away fans leave the Tasty Jerk Centre with their takeaways.

The Tasty Jerk Centre, SE25

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