Dragon Palace, Earls Court

Posted on August 24, 2010


Chinese restaurant and (delivery), Food 5*/5, Price £10-£15, Waiting time 10- 15 (30) minutes, Atmosphere 3/5

Dragon Palace reliably serves brilliant Chinese. The fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf has huge chunks of prawns, scallops, duck and more in tasty steamed, fried rice. Royal China’s version is disappointing in comparison. Deep fried squid with chilli, garlic and spicy salt is crisp and exciting, the flavours are balanced nicely in the Singapore fried noodles and the duck is moist and juicy. The Szechuan style dishes are okay, there are other places that specialize in this (Baozi Inn and Taiwan Village) but most things on the menu seem to have little or no competition.

Chilli Szechuan chicken, deep fried squid and singapore fried noodles

The restaurant is just a stone’s throw from Earls Court Tube and is plain but comfortable enough. It tends to be busy though, so their delivery service is good news. Thanks to their remote card machine, you can even pay by card on your doorstep. The food comes in the cute American-style takeaway boxes. They don’t deliver at lunchtime but going in for a dim sum lunch is a treat too. In store, the service is clever. I was impressed when everyone was given their own separate bill when we went in a large group. I urge you to have a bit of patience with the non-native English speaking staff. It’s worth it!

Fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Fried rice in lotus leaf - full of meat and seafood!

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