Fala Fills, Fulham

Posted on August 28, 2010


Falafel street stall, Food 5/5, Price under £5, Waiting time 5mins, Address North End Road, opposite Coomer Place, SW6.

Falafel wrap from Fala Fills

5 minutes walk from West Brompton or Fulham Broadway, North End Road is a great Saturday lunchtime destination with its dead-cheap fresh produce market and, of course,  Fala Fills. The perfectly seasoned falafels are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.  You can see them being mixed, moulded and deep fried freshly in the stall. There’s a big range of accompaniments that you can have wrapped into your flatbread with the falafels. “Everything” works brilliantly and includes fresh salad, onions, zingy cucumber pickles,  pink turnip pickles, tahini and hot green and red chilli sauce.

A large falafel being prepared.

At £3.00 for a large falafel and £2.50 for a medium, what a bargain! It’s one of the best lunch options in London. The stall’s open at lunchtime every day except for Sundays.

Fala Fills Stall on North End Road