Chipotle, Covent Garden

Posted on September 5, 2010


Mexican fast food restaurant Food 4/5, Price £8 for soft drink and burrito, Waiting time 5 to10 mins, Atmosphere 4/5, website

Soho-ites enjoying their Sunday afternoon burritos

Chipotle is a grown-up fast food shop with slick décor, organic ingredients and a prime location. These factors, along with a recent bad review, made me anxious about visiting – is Chipotle all style and no substance?  Not for me, as it turns out. There’s an almost overwhelming selection of fillings for the burritos/tacos/salads so it’s helpful that they offer you small samples before you decide. My burrito ended up bursting with tasty spiced steak chunks, pinto beans, brown rice with lime and coriander, fiery hot salsa, fresh sweet corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and salad, making every bite a big flavour explosion.  I was most impressed by the steak, which was tender and actually tasted like beef-steak, and the mild corn salsa with gigantic kernels of corn. The deliciously marinated, slow-cooked beef barbacoa I sampled was gorgeous. There’s at least three types of tabasco on hand so it might be a good idea to choose a milder salsa and ramping it up yourself.

The extremely helpful Chipotle staff.

The biggest burrito I've ever had. Wrapped in silver paper.

A steak burrito is £6.95 – on the steep side- but one burrito is three times more than I’d ever have for lunch and twice as big as my average dinner. The staff are friendly and happily give you your tap water with ice. £1 for a can of coke in this area isn’t bad at all either.  The interior is like a sophisticated McDonalds. It feels okay to linger and chat here like a teenager.

Who cares if their slogan “Food with Integrity” is a bit annoying to the cynical Londoner? Who cares if we might be paying extra for the zealous branding? I’d be back as soon as I have a free afternoon for a post-meal lie down to digest.

Chipotle, opposite Foyles

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