Byron, Gloucester Road

Posted on September 9, 2010


Burger restaurant chain, Food 5/5, Price about £15 for a burger, beer and side, Waiting time 20 to30 mins, Atmosphere 3/5, website

The Byron Cheeseburger - I forgot my camera so image courtesy of su-lin on Flickr

Byron does superb burgers, so it’s a bit of a shame about the service. It’s not everywhere in London you can get a proper medium-rare burger – my reasoning is that they’re fresh enough if they’re confident enough to serve it. Juices run down the sides as you bite into the seasoned, meaty patty. Offering just the essential burgers, the menu is simple and minimalist. Byron doesn’t try too hard – but the way that every fat, juicy burger’s perfectly cooked, with perfect meat and perfect buns with a big piece of gherkin on the side is effortlessly sexy. The side dishes, on the other hand, are nothing to write home about. You can’t underestimate the importance of the simple cheese-burger though. Once, in a second hand bookshop, I found a book written by a prison chef cooking meals for death-row prisoners. It said that the most popular choice of last ever meal was a cheeseburger with fries and coke.

Byron Gloucester Rd. exterior, image courtesy of Kake Pugh on Flickr

The question is, why are these burgers so cheap? The answer to which seems to be understaffing. It’s always quite hard to get the attention of a member of staff and the wait for the food’s always quite long. Having read their printed materials, I figured that the reason why it takes so long is because they probably have to start rearing their special Scottish cows after we place our order. The one time it wasn’t busy, the waitress for our table was heavily pregnant and I felt too bad to ask her to do anything.

I’ll probably go to Hache instead next time, just because this time the service was particularly confused (one main missing, one side missing, an extra side on the bill). Though annoyingly, I know that I’ll have to forgive them and go back eventually because their burgers are so good!

Michelin restaurant-frequenting food bloggers have reviewed Byron too – a testament to the quality of their burgers.

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