Rodizio Preto, Victoria

Posted on September 16, 2010


Brazilian barbeque, Food 3/5, Price £20 for all you can eat buffet, Waiting time <5 mins, Atmosphere 2/5 website

The meat is brought to your table by waiters with swords.

Rodizio Preto has a convenient location and all the novelty factors of a Brazilian barbeque – waiters walking around with hunks of meat on swords, Brazilian pop music, a vast selection of hot and cold buffet dishes and little coasters that you place green side up if you want more meat and red side up if you’re full. There’s a Lord of the Flies-like feel about fighting over pieces of meat shaved off huge hunks brought on sticks, in a fun way.

Unfortunately, having been to Rodizio Rico (another London based Brazilian barbeque chain) several times before, the novelty had worn off and my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the lack of smoky flavour in the supposedly barbequed dishes and the dryness and toughness of some of the cuts of meat. A couple of the cuts out of about fifteen were medium-rare and very good.

cold buffet

The staff were helpful and friendly but our table was too small for us and we ended up knocking our elbows together throughout the meal.  One of my fellow diners was completely bowled over by their lasagne in the hot buffet but I’m pretty sure you’d get a damn good lasagne elsewhere for twenty pounds. For a more relaxed, spacious, flavourful Brazilian barbeque experience, take the tube to Rodizio Rico in Angel or Westbourne Park.

Hot buffet

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