Coach and Horses, Farringdon

Posted on September 25, 2010


Gastropub, Food 5/5, Price ~£15.00 for a main, Waiting time about 15 mins between each course, Atmosphere 5*/5, website

A roomy Victorian gastropub with elegant, welcoming decor. A hard-working kitchen serves exceptional, seasonal British food. My guess is that the relatively modest portion sizes are a result of a conflict between extremely careful food sourcing and reasonable pricing. My friend and I arrived, welcomed by naturally friendly staff, to celebrate her buying a new house with a three-course meal.

The famous scotch eggs. Delicious. They really know how to do it.

Diver caught queen scallop with fennel and chicory. £7.50 for one scallop!

Rabbit and Lop pork pie. The mash was the best we've ever tasted and the filling was flavoured carefully too. Very moreish.

Main of seabass with razor clam, sea vegetables and ratte potatoes. Delectable with the salty, shellfish-based sauce.

Buttermilk pudding, blaeberries and freshly fried mini doughnuts.

Warm chocolate pudding with lavender ice cream with a caramel truffle on the side. Lavender ice cream is quite overpowering but it's nice to try something different.

The bill comes to just under £30 for three courses, but I regretted not ordering bread or chips – I like to feel slightly more paralytically full after a gastropub meal. If I were earning double my current Ph.D student salary, Coach and Horses would be a regular destination. I look forward to returning for a prolonged session of bar snacks, drinks and soaking up the atmosphere when I’m back in Clerkenwell.

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