Krung Tap, Earls Court

Posted on October 2, 2010


Thai restaurant, Food 4/5, Price ~£8.50 for two courses, Waiting time about 5 to 10 mins/course, Atmosphere 3/5, 227 Old Brompton Road, SW5 0EA

With good Thai food at rock bottom prices, Krung Tap might just be the best value eatery on Old Brompton Road. Often, Tourists and chichi locals flock to £20+ Balans and Italian restaurants, when Krung Tap remains relatively quiet. This must be the result of the psychology “A restaurant with food this cheap’s got to be awful”. You couldn’t be more wrong.

My meal kicked off with a crispy, juicy, savoury hot chicken wing starter.

The chicken satay and deep fried chicken wings starter. Steaming hot. The seasoning and sauces were original and very tasty.

This was actually the first time I tried Massaman curry (curry with lamb, coconut, peanut and potato). I have to say I prefer green curry. Massaman curry’s quite bland, sweet and I don’t think the flavour of lamb fits in well with the coconutty broth. It’s probably more to do with the nature of the dish than the way it’s prepared here. The green curry was delicious.

Mussaman and green curries. The texture (not taste) was thinner than Thai curries I've tried in the past. It turns out that thinner's nicer than thicker/richer/creamier.

The service is prompt and pleasant. The decor unremarkable but unpretentious and comfortable enough. The portion sizes are generous. Krung Tap offers much much more than what you’d expect from a Thai restaurant at Burger King prices. I prefer it to Mangosteen down the road for sure.

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