Pasha, Gloucester Road

Posted on October 2, 2010


Themed Turkish restaurant, Food 3/5, Price ~£40 for a meal, Waiting time 10 mins/course, Atmosphere 5*/5 , website

A secluded alcove table at the end of the basement dining room.

You pay a lot for bog standard, lukewarm Turkish food at Pasha. So, where does the difference between the money you pay and the money the food’s worth go? Firstly, they have to pay the people who scatter fresh rose petals all over the tables, the floor and staircase. Then there’s the people who put the fat velvet cushions where you have to move them out of the way when you sit down. The bellydancer that looks like she’s from Ealing dance centre possibly gets a decent cut. There’ll also be extra kitchen staff washing the towers for the stacked turkish delight/fruit/nuts arrangement, because they’re definitely not going to fit in the dishwasher. Perhaps there’s also a specialist taylor for the Ottoman servant-style uniforms worn by the staff. Oh and the web designer who made the website where you have to knock on their special door that takes a minute to load before you can get to the content.

Cold starters: Beetroot salad, roast aubergine puree and houmous (room temperature).

Mixed grill (room temperature)

The dessert tower and Ottoman servant waiter with glowy eyes

Give it a try if you want to be totally weirded out by the lavish, opulent atmosphere when you enter the restaurant after going to the pub, and be totally weirded out again when you go back to the pub afterwards. If you’re after great Turkish grub that’s less than half the price and more than double the quality, I strongly recommend Best Mangal.

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