C&R Cafe, Chinatown

Posted on February 20, 2011


Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean, Food 5/5, Price around £7 for a main, Atmosphere 2/5, Address 3-4 Rupert Court, W1D 6DY

Nasi Lemak

With dishes full of exciting, authentic flavours from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia at rock-bottom prices, C&R Cafe is my new favourite cheap eat in Central London. The crammed tables are formica, sometimes your dessert is served before your main and the wait for the food can vary between two and twenty minutes. However, it just doesn’t bother me at all when it’s the only place I know in London that serves good Singaporean curry laksa (rice vermicelli noodles in coconut curry soup with chicken, prawns and vegetables), and is so cheap!

I found out about this place on an online Singaporean expat forum while searching online for a restaurant in London that does Singaporean laksa. My friend, who used to live in Indonesia, was very happy with their version of Nasi Lemak (a platter of coconut curried chicken, spicy pickled vegetables, dried anchovies, peanuts and rice), which seemed to be a popular dish with expats dining in the cafe.

If you’re curious, you can try one of the sugary and starchy coconut milk-based Eastern Asian puddings too. One example is bobo chacha – yam, sweet potato and tapioca in coconut milk, served hot and cold. It’s an acquired taste. For the more conservative, there are many more familiar Chinese-style dishes such as fried rice and Singapore noodles – whatever floats your boat.

Braised chicken with rice. The rice was flavoured and tasty too.

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