Bavarian Beerhouse, Hackney

Posted on April 7, 2011


German Pub, Food 4/5, Price £10 a head for a suckling pig party, Atmosphere 4/5, website

Whole roast suckling pig. 25kg, cooked for 8 hours.

The Bavarian Beerhouse have an amazing feasting menu for parties of specifically 20-25 people, where you can share an entire roasted suckling pig and heaps of Bavarian dishes for around £10 a head. It’s a complete bargain for the wow factor of the Lord of the Flies-esque ceremony where an entire roasted pig is unveiled from behind a curtain and carved in front of the crowd.

Homemade pretzels

The accompaniments were cold meats, pickles and salads, potato salad, homemade pretzels, sweet braised red cabbage, dumplings and rolls. Everything was consistently good and stodgy, though nothing stands out as a dish that makes you keep wanting to come back. Though to be fair, it’s probably the presence of the entire pig with the apple in its mouth that prevents anything else from being memorable.

Cold meats, salads and rolls

The food was extremely good value for money, but that was cancelled out by my glass of coke costing £3.50 in a pub setting. In fact, it was a beer hall setting with long benches and waitresses dressed in Bavarian outfits. I should have just stuck to the extensive selection of German beers served in halves, pints or German-style double pints. The novelty, good food and cheer makes the Bavarian Beerhouse worth a visit, especially in groups. There’s a branch in Tower Hill too.

eat me.

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