William Curley, Belgravia

Posted on April 7, 2011


Food 3/5,  Price ~£3 per cake,  Atmosphere 2/5

William Curley's ironic retro chocs. The biggest irony is that the originals are better.

William A Curley is an overrated, posh chocolatier in overrated, posh Belgravia supplying overrated, posh restaurants. Most of my feeds on Google Reader are from food blogs and chocolate blogs, so I’d read a lot about Curley’s new products – posh versions of classic chocolate confections. I couldn’t help making a trip to try theire Jaffa Cake and Bounty Bar.

I was disappointed with Curley, and impressed with Mars and McVitie’s. Years of product development and refinement of manufacturing methods, resulting in achievement of cult classic status triumphed over expensive ingredients and a famous london chocolate chef. To me, the corner shop (via cash & carry) Bounty Bar and Jaffa Cake tasted nicer.

Even from the luxury chocolates perspective, William Curley chocolates were no match for my favourite Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus.

I was always intending to visit to try them to try their tasting menu of just desserts in the case of an unfortunate event, but I think I’ll just go to Sainsbury’s confectionery aisle and fill up a basket there next time my heart is broken. At least it won’t break the bank.

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