Princi, Soho

Posted on April 25, 2011


Café, Food 3/5, Price about £10 for a meal, Atmosphere 1/5

Princi’s interior food and waiting staff all look beautiful. Who cares about substance when we have looks? What is a bit of a problem is how busy this place is. It’s impossible to sit down straight away and even after you’ve resorted to the un-British act of barging in front of someone to grab a seat (because if you don’t they’ll do the same to you).

The food is okay. When the food is showcased in such an elaborate way, maybe it’s inevitable that you’re disappointed when you taste it.

The Princi cream puff. Plain pastry packed with cream.

Princi chocolate cream slice. A wad of cream with a bit of chocolate on top.

The Princi mille-feuilles. A massive pile of cream with bits of fruit and puff-pastry inbetween.

The cakes had a lot of cream in them. They’re more accurately described as cake creams rather than cream cakes, and it turns out cake creams are quite bland. At Princi, pay for the privilege to hang in a hip Soho eatery with trendy, fashion-conscious young Sohoites in a cool modern-rustic café.
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