Haché, Chelsea

Posted on February 20, 2011


Burger joint, Food 4/5, Price ~£12 for a burger and fries, Waiting time 10 to 15 mins, Atmosphere 3/5 , website

Falafel-sweetcorn-beetroot burger. Strongly recommended.

The ongoing Haché or Byron debate has continued to divide Londoners.  If you’re a vegetarian, you’d say Haché. Their falafel sweetcorn burger with beetroot is the only vegetarian dish that I’d ever order and has the power to salvage any vegetarian-carnivore relationship. (At Byron the only veggie option is an oversized mushroom wedged between buns.)

Bit too much cheese on the blue-cheese burger.

However, Haché’s crucial beef burgers are ironically spoilt by their signature ciabatta buns. I don’t think they really work. Despite this, and the gimmicky way they’re served – with the top bun removed, alongside a decorative, twee salad-  I must admit they have decent, well-seasoned patties.

The sides are pretty good.

The service was fine, but I have a low tolerance to the overuse of words such as “fresh” and “premium quality” in printed materials, so the ubiquity of printed materials (including the wall) asserting the freshness of the food got on my nerves.

It’s undeniable that Haché tries a bit too hard and fails to achieve as much as Byron, but the atmosphere is trendy and pleasant, the service and food is reliable. I’d definitely recommend it for an evening out when there’s a vegetarian around.

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