Posted on February 20, 2011


American barbeque, Food 5/5, Price £10 for main with chips, Atmosphere 3/5 website

Part of the shared meat platter for two. Baby ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, chicken and more.

Bodean’s serves incredible, slow-cooked, smoky meat from their “oak-burning smoke pit” – lots and lots of it too. They barbeque chicken wings, burnt ends (slow-cooked beef brisket in BBQ sauce), pulled pork, three different kinds of ribs.. the list goes on. The US diner-style restaurants are dimly lit and have most tables separated by dividers, so you can unashamedly tuck into the piles of meat and fries while getting sticky barbeque sauce everywhere. The service is friendly too, which means you go home stuffed, content and merry.

assortment of starters - crab cakes, quesadilla, wings and ribs

I personally recommend the shared platter for two. Mainly because it allows you to sample most of the barbequed meats on the menu for around £10 a head with fries and coleslaw, and partly because some cuts of meat are cooked/seasoned better than others depending on when you go and the branch. Go crazy with the selection of condiments (two types of BBQ sauce, spicy sauce etc.).

Chicken wings with an excellent blue cheese dip.

The sides and puddings are strong too. The chicken wings come in a variety of marinades that seems to roughly coincide with the Nando’s scale – hot=hot, diablo=extra hot. The pies and cakes are fabulously rich and squidgy-sweet, but only comes with a small squirt of whipped cream, so it’s a bit dry. Ordering a portion of ice-cream for every couple of desserts makes them just perfect.

Chilli cheese fries.

They have a membership card called the Q card (free of charge), which entitles you to some pretty good offers depending on branch and day of the week. e.g. free schnapps.

Pecan pie.

Chocolate macadamia cheesecake.

It’s great that they have branches dotted around London, as the most Central Soho branch is always full and only takes reservations for large groups.

And if you’re a vegetarian? I don’t know. Try the mac & cheese?

Don't miss the Bodean's sign.

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